Ordinary and Achieving Success

 Ordinary_Podcast_Introduction_Real World Successful Journey

“Congratulate Rachel for being promoted to…”

“Congratulate Kyle for starting a new position at…”

“Congratulate Angela for 6 years at…”

In today’s highly curated social media world, it seems like all of your friends and colleagues are leaving you behind, making you feel like you’re lacking something in your professional and personal journeys.

But LinkedIn notifications, Instagram followers, or retweets aren’t markers of success.

The real world is different. Your connections, the subjects of these notifications, are going through a very real journey, working through their own unique challenges and hurdles. They may be dealing with a micromanaging boss, an unengaged team or colleague, or a project or task with a seemingly impossible goal. Sometimes they achieve big wins and other times they fail spectacularly – and every possible result in between.

Does this familiar? You’re likely going through a similar type of experience, but one that is unique to you. We know we are.

We wanted to put a spotlight on these perfectly normal journeys, so we started a podcast.

We’d like to introduce Ordinary, a podcast about people just like you and me, who are finding their way through work and life. The stories we feature are about embracing the realities of the journeys we take to reach our goals.

Our first episode is an interview with Billy Collins. He guides us through his journey: how he recovered from being fired from his first job and how it helped him become a better manager later in his career, his self-motivational reality check during a break for his GMAT, what made him leave the comfort of his corporate global position for a less comfortable but more exciting challenge, and much more.

Along the way, Billy talks about the tremendous influence his mother and two older sisters had in his professional growth, owning his path by betting on himself, and how he explains his current job to his parents’ friends.


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