Self-Improvement in the Workplace Begins with the Right Mindset


The idea of undertaking self-improvement at work can be anxiety-inducing. You may be wondering where to start, what articles to read, what advice to follow, and what’s most effective.

 Who needs that extra stress when the likely reason you’re even reading this blog post right now is because you may already have anxiety about your performance and presence at work?

 We’re here to guide and help simplify things for you. Our own experience has shown us that effective advice is only part of the solution. Making sure you adopt the right mindset, whatever self-development path you take, is crucial to achieving your goals.

Here are three tips for adopting the right mindset as you embark on your self-improvement journey.


 Mindset Tip 1: Commit and Be Patient

Accept that self-development is not going to happen overnight. Regardless of the method you use or specific area of improvement you’re working on, change will take time. Your gains will be gradual, and you may not even notice them on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps one day a few weeks down the road after some self-reflection, you’ll recognize noticeable improvement.

 Does this sound like a diet or workout fad you’ve tried? Well, it is similar. If you’ve gone down that path, you know commitment is key and progress will arrive in due time. You also probably know that if you take shortcuts and lack commitment, your gains will be fleeting and will probably cause you to end up right back where you started.

 Mindset Tip 2: Start Small

Whether you’re trying to build up your confidence in your interactions with colleagues or improving your presentation skills for a big upcoming meeting, start somewhere that is manageable.

 Sometimes people bite off more than they can chew. They can become overwhelmed, then that leads to discouragement.

 Get some quick wins, and continue to build progress on the momentum of those wins. As you start to find success, you’ll find the motivation and confidence to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.


Mindset Tip 3: Embrace Failure

The road to self-improvement is hardly a smooth, straight line. More likely it’s a bumpy, winding road.

Learn to use setbacks as learning opportunities, and bring in Mindset Tips 1 and 2 to fortify your approach.

If you’re starting small and building gradually, obstacles you encounter should be more manageable for you to overcome at each stage of your development. And your patience and commitment, should arm you with the resolve to keep progressing on your journey.


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