Rise & Shine: Three Easy Steps to Kickstart Your Day

Kickstart your day

There are countless articles and studies advising on the best early-morning routines to kickstart your day: wake up early, cut out the caffeine, meditate, read, exercise… And all before the clock hits 7am.

The big question that comes to mind is, “Is it worth it?” Why shouldn’t you hit that snooze button for an additional 10 minutes of sleep?

We are devotees of the morning routine, and we’ve found that less is more. By focusing on only three key activities, you can maximize your shut-eye, get in the right state of mind, and start your day on top of your game.

1. Making the Bed. Sure – skipping it could give you an extra few minutes that you could use to run into a coffee shop on the way to your office or maybe spend a little extra time in bed. However, starting your day by making your bed means you have successfully completely your first task. Sometimes, all you need for a positive start to your day is a small accomplishment that you can build on to reach for larger accomplishments. It sets the tone for the day. If nothing else, who doesn’t love the wonderful feeling of crawling into a freshly made bed after a long day?

     2. Exercise. Yes, exercise is vital for your morning. Exercise doesn’t have to mean an hour-long, high-intensity cardio session at 5am (although a lot of people swear by it).Exercise can mean taking 10 minutes, perhaps right before your shower or as you’re getting ready, to do some muscle stretches, squats, push-ups, sit-ups, yoga, or even some purposeful deep breaths. The little bit of accelerated activity releases endorphins, which are crucial for your positivity and self-confidence, meaning you’re more likely to start your morning on a high note. Scientific studies state that exercise can also combat and “shake out the jitters” before a big presentation or meeting with your boss. Whatever your pace or activity, you’ll be thanking yourself for taking the time to get some exercise in before you get into the office.

    3.  Affirmations and Goal Setting. Affirmations and goals reinforce positive thinking. As you’re getting ready in the morning, think of one compliment for yourself or establish a goal vocally aloud. Validation can come from yourself and still resonate. This is a simple lesson for childhood. Flashback to the childhood story book, The Little Engine That Could, and the power of believing in yourself. It’s one thing to think positive thoughts, but the biggest impact comes from saying the thoughts aloud. “I’m going to crush my presentation.” “I will talk with my boss this morning about my raise.” Whatever your goals are for the day, commit by saying them aloud and making yourself more likely to accomplish them.

     There’s no need to become overwhelmed by all of the tips and tricks for starting your day right. These three easy practices allow you to set yourself up for success without sacrificing your sleep or needing another list to remember all of the activities that you’re supposed to do in the morning.

    We all have different demands for our time, but it’s crucial to take those few moments in the morning to set yourself up to have a positive and productive day. Let us know how these little tips impact your morning.