Billy Collins | Episode 1

Billy Collins Ordinary Podcast Interview Header

We’re kicking off our own journey in podcasting with an interview with Billy Collins, a brand marketer who got his start in corporate HR and took a winding, challenging, and fulfilling path to life as an independent consultant.

“I don’t think I couldn’t have gotten the same experience if I didn’t leap. If I didn’t say I’m going to a place that has none of this support, resources, and expertise.  And I’m going to try to do it myself.”

Billy guides us through his journey: how he recovered from being fired from his first job and how it helped him become a better manager later in his career, his self-motivational reality check during a break for his GMAT, what made him leave the comfort of his corporate global position for a less comfortable but more exciting challenge, and much more.

Along the way, Billy talks about the tremendous influence his mother and two older sisters had in his professional growth, owning his path by betting on himself, and how he explains his current job to his parents’ friends.

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