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Trust is the foundation of how we deal with a world of uncertainty and risk. A world where we are always in a constant state of imperfect knowledge. Trust in its simplest form is keeping one’s word, but it’s also not simply about action taken and action received. Trust is about feeling understood and understanding other people’s feelings.

Deep Dive

There are two components that make up trust: honesty and risk. To learn more about trust, click on the diagram below.

There is a high likelihood I will be let down, even if individuals are inherently honest.
I am putting myself at risk by trusting others, especially when people are naturally dishonest.
I inherently trust others. People are innately honest and there is little risk.
If you know how to read people there is little risk in trusting others, even if most people are dishonest.
Trusting is Risky
Trusting is not Risky
People are Honest
People are Dishonest

At Work

Trust is represented in the workplace in two ways: (1) Feeling Trust and (2) Feeling Trusted. Feeling Trust, is the ability for you to feel trust towards others. It is about how strongly you feel a co-worker or boss is trustworthy. Feeling Trusted, is your ability to feel trusted by others. It is about how trustworthy you are.

Each of these feelings is important to creating a positive and productive work environment. A “trust relationship” with your boss helps establish the necessary autonomy required for optimal performance. A “trust relationship” with co-workers allows the team to be cohesive and free to take risks as a collective unit.

Not establishing trust can be catastrophic for both the business and the employee, creating uncertainty and hindering reciprocal exchange in the workplace.

Establishing trust is good for you, your colleagues, and your company because it enables all of you to be more selfless and uninhibited by doubt.

Trust alone won’t resolve the all of the challenges and complexities in the workplace, but it is a critical element to success. And it all starts with you.

Next Step: Discover Your Level of Trust

Our assessment will help you understand your level of trust and how it affects you at work. Your results will form the foundation for your trust program.