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You have high self-confidence.

Make sure you are taking advantage of all the benefits that brings.

See Your Results In Context

You’re more self-
confident than most

Your higher self-confidence is one of your best assets at work. You are more likely to feel empowered and have an easier time finding inspiration. More often than not you are the one motivating the troops and driving things forward. People like you are more likely to consistently be rated as top performers within the organization and to feel more satisfied with their job.

What this means


How others
perceive you

Higher self-confidence can also positively impact how your colleagues perceive you. For example, your colleagues may be: (1) more confident in your performance and skillset because you often share your work and perspective; (2) more willing to keep you in the loop on important news and developments because they have a strong personal connection with you; and (3) more likely to see you as an important thought partner. In the best case, this can create a virtuous cycle of confidence as the positive feedback from others “confirms” your belief in yourself and helps you cement your already high self-confidence.



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