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Now’s the time to start believing in yourself!

You’ve struggled with building self-confidence, but put that behind you. That’s in the past. Now is your chance to become more confident and unlock all the benefits that brings both at work and in your personal life.

See Your Results In Context

You’re less self-
confident than most

You are at risk of suffering lower job satisfaction and performance. People with similar scores tend to feel less comfortable and empowered at work. They typically trust their ideas less and are less likely to voice their opinions. Taking ownership of specific projects or leading teams can be particularly challenging for individuals with lower self-confidence, and they are less likely to explore creative answers to new challenges. In short, lower self-confidence results in higher barriers to success at work.

What this means


How others
perceive you

Lower self-confidence can also impact how your colleagues perceive you. For example, your colleagues may be: (1) less confident in your performance and skillset because you often fail to share your work and perspective; (2) less willing to keep you in the loop on important news and developments because they do not have a strong personal connection with you; and (3) less likely to see you as an important thought partner. In the worse case, this can create a destructive cycle of confidence as your increasingly isolated position “confirms” your worst fears and causes you to withdraw further.



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